This is Me


Red locks of fire

Framing my expression

Eyes of changing colors 

From under the earth to the green above

Legs of a gazelle 

Nose of a boar

Wide grin and sparkling teeth

Pristine and perfect

...Or so it seems

This isn't me

This isn't me

But the real me

Would you really want to see?

Imagination endless 

Both a blessing and a curse

Beautiful imagery fills my mind

But darkness takes its toll

I run

I fight

I scream

I cry 

No one sees

No one hears

No one helps

No one cares

I bring smiles

When I cant make my own

A broken rosary 

Beauty vanalized 

By the pain of the world

The pain inside

This is Me

A fighter

A lover

A survior

Scarred but walking

This is Me 

And I wouldnt be anyone else



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