A Love Story


When my stitches dissolved, I resolved a plan

A list, if you will

Of qualifications for the perfect man

Or, if you will

The perfect woman.

When I fall in love I want to be EMO

Every moment occupied

With thoughts of who was by my side

With someone who can compromise

When I fall in love, it won’t be with an anchor

Not someone to fall back on but

To fall back with

Into nights of insomnia

And silvery words lulling me to sleep

Blurry smiles under black lights

Make-up fights

And crimson cheeks

Not someone to

Rob me of my sails

But not to bail, to stay afloat

When water splashes

And wild winds may rock us so

But I don’t need a captain

When I fall in love, I’ll have my closest friend

My warmest sweater

Someone more witty and daring and clever than I

Who won’t pressure me to pretend I’m not who I am

Who won’t mind silly adventures

And would never be a one-night stand

I won’t have the butterflies

Whose life span flutters time and again

But who will give me everlasting affection

Not to tether me down like tar slicked naval ships

Not soft or light like thinning feathers

But like hard brick walls, not straw or sticks

And with substance deeper than the moon’s craters

When I fall in love

We’ll write the cutest love story together

Our documentary won’t end because

My heart

Won’t be broken again.



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