On the Love that Proved Me Wrong


United States

This morning I woke up beside him

He kissed me ‘till I was awake

We laid there for hours, limbs knotted around each other

Until I rose to cook breakfast


The night before, I came home, exhausted

He stayed up late, waiting for me

He watched me devour dinner’s leftovers

And then we crawled into bed, together


The week before that was his birthday

I gave him a stupid hat he’d wanted for months

His face glowed like the sun, his eyes twinkled like stars

And I somehow felt taller


A year ago, I thought love was a lie

All love ever did was consume like fire, violent and greedy

Men were predators; women their bright-eyed prey

Only the weak fell for that illusion of joy and safety

And my solitude made me strong


Today, I know better, as his head rests in my lap

His chest rises and falls evenly, as peaceful as my soul feels

When life is hard, his love gives me comfort

His love is my hearth; patient, gentle, and warm


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