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My dear's a deer what a novel idear having a deer not a dear makes me a bit queer but what's really quite queer
Hi, I'm Sunshine. I'm a perfectly normal person.   I love helping people,  I raise rabbits, and I enjoy watching the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays with my dad. I'm a perfectly normal person.   
Mom, Why is my sexuality wrong? Mom, Why don't I want to mate? Mom, Am I a failure? Mom, Why do I have to try it to know I don't want it? Mom, What's wrong with me? Mom,
I have yet to fully understand whether or not I feel any sexual attraction at all.
Scrolling on my phone I ambombarded with wordsthat cutthrough my skin muscles tendons andbone marrow.I don’t exist. And if I doI am a plant. But if I’m notI can’t be human. But if I am
Where are you?  I have heard about you and I have seen you in stories but I don't know you As if you were avoiding me like a disease Someone that you can not grace their presence with You lead others towards me 
When we broke up you said  it's 'cause you never showed me love But you never said what kind of love you were looking for We were best friends for three whole years Through the laughter and the tears
There is a shame in me,residing on the western hemisphereof my appendix. Both being unnecessary things,bonded over this fact-the only way to get ridof it now is through surgical means- 
Meaning to my existence flees from me Must I decide from various notions When decisions are my own cup of tea Based on preference, not by promotions
I’m a machine, [whirring] A robot in disguise, An impostor walking through the world. Seeing, learning, recording, But never truly being. [Click. Click. Click.]
The closet was deep, but not wide. There was a box, It was full, and so was I. I couldn't stay, I had to come out, It was just too hard to hold in.  
As a kid when asked What I wanted to be I always said a witch. I still look back on my little self And Laugh. It's still true, Of course. I Love magic
They will say I am broken, They will say I am bent. Though after all they have spoken, Not a word leaves a dent. I am more than my gender,
They said" well maybe you're just, broken."
I remember someone told me once that I didn't exist It wasn't that the human before them was nothing but an illusion
I am more than this confusion That seems to settle on me Caused by trying to find my place Inthis ever misunderstood community you preach and preach trying to end this hate
I am an Ace.
You can't change her. She is a danger.   Please don't try: She might cry.   Her attitude seems bad, Even if she's sad.   She seems alone; You can hear it in her tone.
"Anormal", "Wrong", "Needs To Be Fixed", "Queer!" That's but a small bit of the everyday soundtack that I hear. "No, I don't want a Kiss.", "I'm not broken.",  "Please don't touch me there!"
Just try it, you'll like it. You're scared and uncertain.
I am not broken Because I need things to be just right, Because I worry about the little things, Because my fears are unrealistic. I am not broken, you just don’t understand.   I am not broken
Let me put something into perspective for you
i feel like an alien sometimesout of this worldbecause i'm not always surethat i like the idea of
One:   You're just gay.   Really, so how I love Is just repressed -  Like I can just come out From the darkness you seem to see In my chest.   That I'm ashamed of my heart,
They say all humans have sex And that it's unnatural to not desire it and yet yet That old sheep in the field has never reproduced That rat sits in a corner with no care towards the others  
The more I think back, The more ticked off I get. How dare you compare our relationship to my sister’s, When we’re not them, and you don’t even know anything about it?  
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