Love Lost in Words


These are the things that I'll never tell you;

The things that you deserve to hear.

These are the things that I hold in secret;

The things that my heart fears.

They say that we accept the love

We think that we deserve

But the love I feel from you

Is more than I can put in words.

What if I can't accept it?

What if I can't convey it

In parallel amounts?

What if I can't express myself

And show you when it counts?

You deserve more than a guess;

A hope that my feelings are true.

You deserve to hear those words

I, love, and you.

Not even in a poem could I get myself to say

The feelings of my heart; secretly on display.

But I feel my stone heart melting, little by little

Day by day.

And one day I hope to tell you, all dressed in white.

And every day after that, in the morning and at night.

Trust in me until then, and I promise you will see

You and I far in love, for all eternity.


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