Love Is and As A Discipline

Love is a thing that can easily be taken for granted, how did I become so comfortable with it, not putting any effort in the tasks you requested of me? Your frustration with my not doing my share in the chores were more than justified, now that I think of it.
I have watched you fold the clothes all yourself when you asked for me to help in the laundry.
It's funny how quickly I turned lazy with the way I show my love to you.
It wasn't that I was too absent minded to care, it was that my attitude to love was like any discipline
That what it needs is the work put in to make it stronger.
The flowers needed constant watering and sunlight
To have strong roots and beautiful petals.
When I became annoyed by your way of showing
me I was too self focused
I should have said without getting mad,
You're right, we have things to do
This is a marriage, there are responsibilities we
need to manage in life
we need to both share in the work!

This poem is about: 
My family


Debi Lyn

How wonderful it would be if ALL parties would keep exactly this in mind! This is beautiful.

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