Looking in the Mirror

I don't remember the first day I saw this portal.

This portal that showed me what the world saw.

The image of me that everyone has an opinion for.

Where is my opinion.

Do I have to justify my hair, skin, and the parts of me that are not always happy?

One more Donut?

One more cup of Soda?

I must justify every move, I make.

Unless I just stop caring.

The stares no longer pierce my heart.

I am at war with the little voice in my head.

The little voice that sometimes in yelling.

Nothing fits, no one cares, look at those rolls maybe lay off the bread.

Maybe wear one of the many corsets everyone keeps buying you.

Use the weights that your grandma sent for Christmas, as a silent statement.

Or maybe buy spanx like your mom said when you walked out of the dressing room shopping for a prom dress.

The smile that you once had changes into the little girl you once knew.

The little girl that was thrown to the wolfs because she loved cupcakes.

She liked sweets, she liked food, she was always bigger.

Suck it in they would say.

You look better from that angle.

If only you would try harder.

Its funny how they would rather me stop breathing to hold it in,

then gain another pound.

Oh how I always had a pretty face.

My body protects me.

My skin is a part of me.

My smile is bright.

My mouth is the home of my words.

I am opinionated.

I have nice eyes.

My hips are a piece of Art.

I am different, and so are you.

When I look in the mirror I see me all of me.

I am a connection of my smile, eyes, hips, skin, rolls, feet, and yes even my pretty face.

I am beautiful and so are you.

This portal is no longer important.

Their opinion is no longer important.

Its simple I am me and you are you.

See what you want to see.


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