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You're too angry, these statements he said. When he should have taken my hand and asked me where it hurt.    Am I invisible to you?  You don't see me here?  My hips is wide 
Through the looking glass stands a female. Not yet a woman, but no longer a girl.    Through the looking glass emotions set sail. A smile that hides pain, but still greets the  world. 
Look at me. Do you see me? Or do you see this mask of foundation that i am wearing. I am not this wig that you see
Look at me.   Please. Just Once.   I'm dying inside.   You don't even notice.   I hope you'll see beneath my mask.  
Look at me. Can you not get it though your thick scowl? You're teaching me nothing. Everything you say comes in one ear and out the other. You're pushing what you think is right on me and presuming I am soaking everything in.
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