Lonely (An Ode to Bullies)

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 10:29 -- bweezy

There is no place more lonely than being in a big crowd... by yourself.

Especially when you are surrounded by people who want to pick you out and put you back lower than where they found you.


You're feeling suffocated by the hatred

And you swallow your spit and nearly spit it right back out because your throat is clogged like an old sink with:











And they tell me that words do not hurt like sticks and stones and broken bones. But it feels like sticks scratch up my throat, my chest plate is broken and a stone is weighing down my stomach. My legs are numb and shaking. And it is amazing how a person filled with so many words can be utterly shut down by the power of one.

And if bullies understood the power of their words, do you think they would stop?

I doubt it.

I think that they taunt and they bleed hatred so that they can avoid the pain themselves.


I mean it's a shitty feeling so why would you ever want to feel that?





He's small... oh and here is the best part...


So he'll probably daydream about hurting you back but his parents taught him manners so he will just swallow your words like a pill... or like that Xanax that he'll need for his severe anxiety when he's older. But it's okay right? I mean as long as you're not hurt, and not only will you stay safe, but you may even look cool, you'll get REALLLLY popular! Things sure are looking bright for you mr. bully.


You see i don't have demons to fight, nope, none at all. Because the bullies fight them for me. I'm older now and I have alot of dreams that I'm pursuing, but the bullies they'll get what's coming. They'll get that numbing feeling and get that weight in their chest and stomach. You think they'll run with it? I doubt it.


And in reality I don't wish them bad. Nope. I just wish them something, I just wish that one day they'll be in a big crowd, and feel extremely...




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