lonely to active


In the past, i never talked about my needs. I never wanted to tell my needs.

I was alone because i had no one. I had family, but i never saw it. I had friends, but i never saw it.

I was getting help, but i never saw it. 

One day, i wanted to die because of all the hate i received. I told my father and he talked to me about life.

He told me that there are other opportunities for me to take and he also told me something that made me think about my life.

"Love your enemy and always forgive them". I felt like i was happy. I followed my father's advice and it helped me.

I became more active when i finally realized that i have family and friends by my side when i need them.

I started to talk to others and i was in a afterschool program. I attend a college workshop to help me with college and with my problems.

Now today, i know i can do better and i still do my work. Even though my father doesn't live with me and my family, i still love him.

My mom also helped me become social, respectful, mature, and a gentleman. 
My friends being there for me when i needed advice and comfort.

I am now active and happy. I was once a lonely person, now a happy, active person. 

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Since this is my poem, i believe that my favorite part is when i transformed from a shy lonely person

into a active person. 

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