live life

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  “Alone” Left, right “Worthless” Left, right “Weak” Uphill, down, “Lost” Repeat.   Monsters growl and hunt. My life growls and hunts, ME
Don’t force it, don’t let the world know you weak, you can’t be black and weak , our race has just started to reach our peak?
The brush stroke is smooth but not silent The colors clear and vibrant Every part of the rainbow is there Every splotch will declare
My happiness through the storm is like a baby that is born Held in the arms of it's mothers, my happiness is there when I suffer Throught the days of the struggle, at time when my knees may buckle
Do not go silently into the night But rejoice when the sun sets For there is a new morning   Do not walk quietly into the dark But meet it in the west
You never know what may happen today. From the falling rain, to a sunshine ray. You could happiness, love, and nothing but gain, But do not realize you could be one with all hurt and pain.
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