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Down deep in my nightmare, My shadow of despair, A black demonic snake, Reminded me I was awake. In the darkness I went, With a soft attractive scent, Unable to think, It all seemed like a blink.
I feel drops of water on my thigh Is it raining? No I could hear it hitting down hard Sobbing, heaving, choking Is it raining? No The sounds are coming from me Balled up on my bed
You went down to play? That's their game of night or day Gents’ swig, gals’ sway Six nights to sin, 7th to pray    
Before I could detect it, the roe-underdeveloped-grew. Like a virus implanted within a safe home, Between swain and Lady lover late at night, it spreads so easily with the joint of intimacy. It is an it
Electric addictionI feel it come to meIt enters my veinsIt pulses straight through me. My blood now is stainedby this sonic addictionWith reason I tryto decide my conviction This, the one thingthat dizzies my mind...Allowing me toLeave the real wo
It's that trap muzak misspelled rap muzak or crap muzak either way it's that muzak I miss the days when Raven Symone was black muzak hope Musiq Soulchild comes back but not back muzak
Time means nothing meaning I don’t exist My fabric’s tattered my coating battered, my joy eclipsed
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