Little Things

It started out with just the little things,

things you don't notice until someone points it out.

"Hey, you've grown" they might say,

or you suddenly realize none of your clothes fit.


It's not an easy transition,

from child to adult.

Theres's acne and awkward first dates,

but then there's the friends you make,

supporting each other along the way.


At some point, you get your first job,

your first car,

your first kiss,

your first school dance,

your first heartbreak.

But you don't ralize how important

these firsts are.

For they are only firsts once,

and soon they will become lasts.


Last school dance,

last football game,

last first day of school,

last competition,

last sleepover,

last day of school.


And now there are bills to pay,

jobs to do,

taxes to file.

Because somehow, somewhere,

you grew up.

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