Little Details


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The little details here and there
The little details no one hears
I feel as if no one cares
they just worsen my fears
living just doesn't seem right
wondering where to run
I don't know if i can make it through the night
they think this is fun
i wish they could see me for who i am
i act the way i do because of them
one day it will hit them BAM
im gone with nothing left not even a hem
truth is ill be gone tomorrow
they cant see im hurt
and they will be left in their sorrow
while im left in the dirt
the little details they should have seen
i cry my self to sleep
instead they were so mean
they cut me down so deep
no getting out
no backing down
ill be gone without a doubt
all they can do is frown.

Little details mean so much
now im left without and they keep on living
they should have paid attention to such
im the one that's quitting
nothing left but scars
they are the ones weeping in their cars.

Little details matter
we should not cut people down
with all of our chatter
instead we should hand them a crown !

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This is amazing. So powerful

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