a list of people you’ll find in a mental hospital

one) a boy who speaks with a thick accent. always gets up in the middle of group sessions to ‘use the bathroom’. swears the first thing he’s going to do when he gets out is walk to the convenience store down the street, buy a pack of cigarettes, and chain smoke each one until the butt burns his fingers. two) a curly haired girl who looks like the stage of sleep deprivation where tiredness somehow converts into restless energy. the only time anyone sees her smile is when she’s drawing. always bites her nails whenever she’s thinking really hard. three) a girl with haphazard gashes up and down both arms. her voice wavers a lot when she talks. says the thing she misses most from home is music.  four) a boy whose skin is the same color as the white linoleum floors, with faded gold flecks splattered liberally. downs nearly an entire dixie cup of pills every morning with his orange juice. double knots his shoestrings.  five) a girl who looks like real life snow white; complexion as pale as paper. probably as fragile too. her fingers look like someone just took bones and draped some skin over, then called it a day. gets uncomfortable at the slightest mention of food. needs an escort to go to the bathroom.  

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