The lion behind the duck


The camera goes down, and there's the frown

Fears rushing from beneath, tears gushing from my eyes to the tip of my reach

lies tether to hearts, as crys shoot forth like darts

i thought i could be more to what i might seem, but love isn't something to redeem

so i accept when my mother shoves me down, but my otherhalf gave me a bottle and told me to drown

 write it down, hoping it'll get heard while i learn to clean my soul

but it's not enough, i need to be seen, without being renonwed i'll deal with a hole

so i take a pic, and look like a clown, i even put a quote about deserving a crown, ignoring how i feel

They see me as a lion, but they forget how hard i've been tryin'

And I Am a lion, but i've grown accustomed to sighing

So i put on the cover, let the pain roll off

one day I'll learn to turn the scroll off and roar, teach the birds how to really soar

even when i don't have much luck letting the pain be vain, i'll still be

The lion behind the duck.

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