Life Is precious


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It's not where your from-
It's where your life's at....
I lived by this saying, but my past always brought me back!

Years ago when I was 18
I fell for a guy who told me he 'loved me'.

He turned me into a material girl & bought me everything I wanted
from diamonds to pearls!

A little later on, I found out I was pregnant
I thought this was our dream come true...
but he said he wasn't gonna have it.

He told me there was only one way out-
He told me to get an abortion without a doubt!

Since I loved him by then, I listened to him...
& when we got to the Doctors office, I got an ugly feeling within.

I began to get nervous & thought I couldn't cope-- but my boyfriend reassured me
that we'd both have hope.

When all was done, we overheard the Dr. say:
"It was a baby girl & she'd been born in May"!

Our world shattered before our eyes
We couldn't believe we didn't think twice.
We both cried & he told me he'd never leave me...
So we'd start over again & just let things be.

A year passed on & he brought up the subject;
He said "Our baby girl would be a year old today & we didn't let it happen!
I can't help it to think, she'd look like me or you...but this is the pain we must both go through!"

My boyfriend then left to go upstairs & he got on his knees...
He asked for God's forgiveness & said 'help me please'!

Although that didn't do much for him, he decided to end his life for his greatest sin.
I begged & pleaded for him to stop...
We could both cope & make it through but the gun wouldn't pop!

My boyfriend said "God why are you doing this to me? Don't you see, I ended my daughters life so easily?!"

Since his first attempt failed, he thought he'd try again...
He overdosed on whatever he found, so he could fly up to heaven!

This time it worked & now I'm left by myself...
With painful memories to pass on & tell.

If your thinking of abortion, don't do it--It's WRONG!
Just go through your labor time & then move on.
You should be blessed to have a baby, then give it up for adoption...
'Cause killing an innocent life shouldn't be an option!

There are people who try to have babies everyday,
So if your blessed in such a way, your baby's life should be here to STAY!

No one's life is a game...
Because in the end it's a price you will suffer to pay!!


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