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How do you determine whether Christianity has deceptive teachings or not? Can you prove that all the reports and stories in the Bible are true?   Why do you present a teaching that is based on a set of beliefs as facts?
These are neither rhetorical questions nor trick questions. We want the correct answers from the leaders of the churches.   1. Was Christianity founded by Jesus Christ or was it founded by his followers?
Some stupid people glorify murderers and call them brave persons Who really are brave people and who really are cowards? Brave people do not fight and slaughter one another in the name of war
Poety has taught me Many wonderful things. From songs, To haikus, Each has given to me A different view Of the world. Songs breathe rhythm Into flat words And limericks
Laura Weidemann November 30th 2017 18lweidemann@nfv.k12.ia.us Prompt-Write a letter as your future self to yourself now.  To Younger self in 2017,
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