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I'm so tired of being the one that has to be okay all the time I'm so over being the one that always has to take a deep breath and trek on I'm tired of wearing a mask for everyone else while I die on the inside
Dear, you You know who you are You know why you’re far Away, but I don’t care why Whenever I think of you I almost cry
Forget thi
I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't fall so hard. Next time I won't cry... Next time. I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't step up so quick, Next time I won't ask...
    I might not be the most popular person that ever passed,   but I do apologize.    I might not be the most quiet person in class, and yes, I do apologize.    I disrupt your tedious lecture for a few cheap laughs,
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
Please… Just look my way. For a second, A moment, A wrinkle in time. I wish you would
I raised my voice at you You looked down as tears flowed down your face I felt bad and tried to apologize But you walked away. I called you that night But there was no reply
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