Letter to my babys father

Daddy, I don't know why you couldn't just choose me. Why'd you'd rather get high and hurt mommy and on top of that lose me. I don't know why it's so important when I'm dying to see you, in mommies belly, I just started moving. 
Daddy, I don't know why you just don't love me. Love me enough to stop putting it all above me. Why you'd rather wave goodbye and get high and live that life when it doesn't do anything but keep you from me. 
Daddy I know my mommy loves you, she had a lot of faith and her wall started to crumble, so now she has to walk away and do it alone because she'd rather have me safe and no risk of it at all even if it means it's harder and she has to do it on her own. 
Daddy, I know you can do better. That's why mommys sitting down to write you this letter, I know it's mommies hands but I promise it's my words and the reason she's doing it is because it really really hurts and I want a father more than ever cause I know mommy didn't have one, I wish that you would learn, with certain fires you just have to let them burn..
cause daddy, to try and put them out would be a waste of water, and why should mommy have to beg you to love your daughter? I'll always love you daddy, even if you never get better. And even if we're kept apart, it's up to you whether that's forever. Six months left, it isn't very long. I wish you'd pay attention mommys trying to keep you strong. I wish that you'd get better daddy so we could have a bond. Cause for you to say you can't be more is plain wrong.
Daddy, I believe in you, and mommy doestoo. Open your eyes, and we'll be here for you. Until then, I guess this is goodbye. I really hope you choose me daddy, instead of getting High.

This poem is about: 
My family


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