Letter of the Affair of Romeo and Juliet

Dear Friend,

I must inform you of an ocurrance most absurd,

a long-running line of separatio has ben blurred.

Preparing pass the church this morn,

the ghostly friar spoke with young Romeo of the Montagues

of a marital oath later to be sworn.

My mind forsaw first the face of fair Rosaline.

But lo! The youthful gentleman's heart be set

on an enemy- a Capulet.

Her Nurse was soon met

by the lover of Juliet,

who informed her of the secret affair.

Good fellow, I say!

This is the call for a tragedy, nay?

Yet the comical nurse

rushed to Juliet without coerce

to deliver the news,

unknowingly setting off a detonating fuse.

The bitter cries of two ever-feuding families I await.

For between Capulets & Montagues, there is only room for hate.


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