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 Your light shined for sixty-one years lived it your way free from burdens most have From Denver to the West Coast
Once upon time there were two teens who once lived in the inner city of Detroit.
Where’s Romeo?  My name is Julie My neighbors name is Juliet  I fell in love with Romeo one day And then, I left  
Dear Friend, I must inform you of an ocurrance most absurd, a long-running line of separatio has ben blurred. Preparing pass the church this morn, the ghostly friar spoke with young Romeo of the Montagues
               It’s been 3 years to this day sense the accident. I don’t even know why it was called an accident, nothing about it was accidental. The police don’t know that. They never will.  
You had the bullets, 
Romeo and Juliet will forever be in love Their love stretches from the moon to the sun and forever above To describe their love, you can not compare it to the infinitely changing silver moon
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my love of Shakespeare. He led me to the world of Macbeth and King Lear. He taught me to die for love in Romeo and Juliet. And live with no regret.
The mask hides their faces,Lady's dance with their pretty dresses,He hides among the guest,She innocent and at her best.
My love... Your eyes strum compositions too complex to ever interpret with harmonious strings... rainbow violins, played by cosmic kings You... are a musical piece too delicious to swallow Guitars made out of chocolate...
Two hearts together hath been sworn, But by a father's words so harsh hath been torn. Banished away for an act so just, leaving behind his true love and true lust. Running so fast with blood stained hands,
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