Let It Be

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 17:52 -- kcb1996

The warmth, the beauty of a true masterpiece
The flow of the breeze, giving the leaves temporary wings
The rustle, as they wage waer to stay firmly on the tree
In the end a loss, and now must lay on the ground

The songs of may different birds, calling to one another
They flow through the air, as waves in the sea
So all may hear their perfect melody
They fly graciously through the warm air, like no other

The deer leeping quietly through the brush
Stopping and tilting their heads like that of a dog, in curiosity
Again leaping, crushing the defeated leaves, mercilessly
Finding the others, and leaving without a hush

And the forest itself, waterfalls flowing with tremendous force
The moss, coating rocks, and trees alike
The morning glaze, resting on the blades of grass until near night
And even the most reluctant minds, this beauty coarses

The silent melody, so peaceful so numb
The million inhabitants, yet nothing ruined
The bliss, of a fairytale setting
The beauty of nature, we disturb


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