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Who am I? Is that really the question? No, that can’t be. The real question is this: Who could I be?   Somedays I’m King Arthur, strong and fair A man of valor sitting in equality’s chair
I find that the lava wall is a bit fierier than usual, Have you let Leo get too close to it? How come you never remember my name Mr. D? I saved the world many times It’s worth an ounce of remembrance.
TARDIS is blue Fandoms are life but I do believe there is Nothing
i cried out
.12. at dinner i tell my mother about a dark-haired, dark-eyed dolphin that never, ever smiled although he has everything i ever wanted
Dedicated In Memory of Tim McCormick 
Pounding speakers, screaming fans It’s strange to think how this all began. A simple story about a an orphaned boy That conquered evil and changed my life.
Dreams of travel Tales of space, A single man With a changing face. Dutiful from the Very start, A vesicle For a broken heart.
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