Late nights..insomniac or depressed


Late nights.... The notes seem to float out of the headphones and into the vacant air as if they are looking for a somber soul in the distance. You listen to each word of every sad song as you begin to realize they all mirror your life in some way or another. Your soul begins to shatter as more and more words crush you and the night presses on. The pit in your stomach continues to build and build until you release a storm of tears and years of anguish. You have no idea where your at, ask yourself questions, but don't recognize the voice in your head, who are you really? That's when you know, you've lost yourself in the pain of music. You cry and cry in your sad, dark world. Alone, knowing that no one can hear you. Eventually your cries drown into submissive silence and you're exhausted , left with nothing but emptiness and some sort of numbess in your heart. You do not know if it feels good or not but you decide to let yourself escape to the reality of dreams and then the next song starts. "This is only the beginning", I told myself as I turned the volume up to my music and laid down for the night.

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