Late Night Thoughts

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 21:50 -- hgo97

Something in my heart is suffocating

Alive still, but slowly fading

This feeling of something dying

With constant pain and trying


Why won't someone love?

Why won't someone care?

Why CAN'T someone love?



Inadequacy fills me

Doubt consumes me

Loneliness surrounds me

Does anyone see?


Is God listening?

To my silent screaming?

Drifting in my wake

A new constant ache

It's God's to take

Far from here


But I live in shadows

A facade of contentment 

At night, stripped away

And to God I endlessly pray


To be me

To be enough

To be worthy

To FEEL worthy

To find someone

To find me



Are you listening?

To my endless silent screaming?

My pain, nobody knew

So to God, I flew.


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