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 Your light shined for sixty-one years lived it your way free from burdens most have From Denver to the West Coast
Mush-Chavvie   We Gypsies forged the nails of the cross We roam to shake the guilt Wandering fruitlessly searching for lands that we lost Afore mother Mary cursed what we Pikeys rebuilt
she's a girl with a sense of wanderlust she seems so happy but she's just a remnant of a far-off age over the days her people change gone from the roots of a wandering past my, how it's seemed so fast
A necklace lies upon her breast
She came treading pale footsteps, in the light of eternal moon, broken rays intertwining in twigs and leaves,
Fortress of fabric She says come in Her eyes glisten with magic She knows I can’t win My mother warned me about enchanted women Spiders in their hearts, be careful or you’ll be bitten  
I don't own a lot of things all i have are these set of strings i played my way through the southern streams
My rose was a boy with a gypsy heart
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
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