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My year in a poem, a few sentences, a few stanzas, seemed, seems impossible but nothing is impossible. So here I go, here it is.   It all started with who I could be,
He smiled with a frown whilst discipline is an empty bottle of sorrow we all drown even if we could reach and grab the hand of air it wouldnt matter because most would seem it to be dirty
How would you spend Your very last day? Would you talk with a friend? But what would you say?   Maybe you'd call and say to your mother That you appreciate, cherish, and totally love her.  
Wishing I could be like them. Social, outgoing, perpetually cool daring, throw caution to the wind, chuck the rules. Like Friday night at the game in the stands,
Do I fancy myself as more of a Marvell when I watch her delicate hands search for the rubies in her mind’s Ganges?
Kid you've got to live Kid you've got to inhale this air and pass the puff puff bc a plant will never be greater than a tree Plant a seed and spend hours watching it grow
“Anybody” by Mackenzie Payne   Our time on Earth is fleeting, Our life a blink of Her eye. Filled with countless meetings,
A second's time is not as long As the world will let you think But still we sing our same old song As our lives pass by in a blink   The sun goes up and the sun goes down
Woe is me, woe is me. I've stumbled upon a light. A light that shines bright. A light that no one else can see. A light that cativated me on site. Woe is me, woe is me. This light has seen black.
When I first found out, There was a monster under my bed, There wasn't a doubt, I was scared half to death. I tried counting sheep, And counting to ten. I was still losing sleep,
Time never sleeps  Not even creeps by  Showing no mercy  So why waste time dreaming of tomorrow When tomorrow can be today So why waste time dreaming   Why not Seize the Day 
And it falls away,Nonexistence swallows it.Your own explaination becomes unexplainableIn your head, perfectWords unneccessary
Life is fickle Just like one's mind. Just a tiny trickle Can upset time. So live your life To its fullest extent. To save from strife And remain content.
It's alarming The statistics we find about: test scores, teen pregnancy, underage alcohol consumption. Because ladies and gentlemen, two of these are shooting up more regularly than
  In the freezing cold winter day, There's limited time for us to play. Today's the day, we win our cup, We'll scream and shout, and raise it up.   We are free to play and free to skate.
Reality is distant as a dream/Images become harder to procure/Shattering reailty at the seams./When the old ones continue to endure,/Seeing the shadow of a missed smile,/Wishful thinking wasted on times long gone,/Easily lost like sun on a dial/Li
  To wait a second is a crime For in the big scheme of things Seconds add up to make a lifetime So don’t be convicted of wasting a day
The desire The passion The wanting Just didn't seem to be When we were young Ignorance Careless Joyful Not seeing the world to it's potential The world on a string in their hand
(While we're talking, envious time is fleeing: pluck the day, put no trust in the future) Live life to the fullest. We were born to die,
What is a horizon to me? A scarlet sun, an endless sea – Touches of light upon the darkness. Rays streaming from the heart, The heart of our universe.
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