'change' self love

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  Torn   Between love and hurt Truth and lies Wants and needs   Torn    Among the shambles  Shattered on the floor  In tiny unrecognizable shards    
  Torn   Between love and hurt Truth and lies Wants and needs   Torn    Among the shambles  Shattered on the floor  In tiny unrecognizable shards    
who am I ? am I you? am I me? I am who?   I'm searching for epiphany which I can't seem to find they say that she's beautiful she'll make you realize that you're so much more
Maganda. Maganda means beautiful in my native language. I am Filipino. I am beautiful.  I have overcame many obstacles in my life, these obstacles lead me to where I am today. Stronger than ever.
I distinctly remember the first time I saw Most girls’ bodies start to change. I was twelve years old.   I stared with amazement and awe. Their long legs,
Buterflies are one of nature's most beautiful. He compliments my wings even though they have been bruised and torn apart. Still, he tells me how capturing my vibrant wings are.
New places, new faces. Everywhere and everything is new. Nothing old or left behind, nothing blue. It’s a pretty scary place here. With nothing left to waste here, oh it’s true,
A light shimmering, small fae glittering standing there glistening. A mystique figure sparkling.   The risers as a staircase
Well, well, well Look what we have here, A girl who is useless and overwhelmed with fear.   I may be quite the criticizing one, But at least I know how to get the job done.   You screwed up,
Who will cry for my little girl? the little girl inside of me... I guess, I forgot to consider her feelings.  I forgot to ask her if she is okay if I batter myself…I forgot to think about how saying hurtful things to myself,  I hate you. 
When days are dark, and you push me away  I stay, because I love you When you feel like you can't go on, and you cant be loved I stay, because I love you When you don't believe in yourself 
After a long road and crossing the burning sands,  I had a sit down with fate,.. I cried that it wasnt in the plan, the decision was final,  there was no escape, an opponent I have avoided and always feared,
Important  Single-minded desire To feel value  To be of value  Counting every flaw Every little thing To tell myself  I'm not worth anything Is it delusions?  Is it lies? 
Because I love you, Ill ignore the aberration feeling in my heart. Because I love you, Ill ignore all of the belated compliments you've given me.
Kinks Curls Twist Turns and Tangles The perfect image gets mangled in a passing glance
My soul that's indigo, the prana energy within. Subliminal flows, a powerful aura that glows. A ripe fruit that cannot be described. I am the divine nectar of the Gaia Earth.  
On the streets of Lost Angels In the red riders hood There lived a woman that was pure from her mane to her blood Her hair was not silk nor blonde nor cascading It was the kinky coarse curls that were tamed by braiding It ran the length of 10 Impa
All my life is a circle. Sunrise and Sundown the moon rose through the nightime. Antil the daybreak came around. All my life I have waited for this circle to mean something to me. And alas it does.
I love you I love the air that you breatheI love the ground that you walkI love the way that you look I love the way that you talk I know you I know the things that you like I know the things that you don't I know
I see your greatness, your strength, your courage I admire your lifestyle, your plight in reverence  I love your outer, inner, and spiritual beauty Yet for some reason we don't click, something we both cannot see   
Drowning in my insecurities, I am pushed into a comfort zone beyond who I aspire to be. The molecules are opinions,  Assumptions, Of those who think they know me best. A force- harsh and stiff as a hurricane,
As I crawled on my skinless knees,  On your un devoted grounds of love. I wasn't ready Your aim was steady, Possessed by the intensive curiosity of life.
I felt this feeling before but i tried at best to ignore it ,I've always muted the emotion Why is it i saw this coming? Deja vu My biggest fear ,i lost my best friend Everyone will say eff him,it's alright
I stare into the mirror and see somone looking back at me We have the same physical features, but the aura I feel is different We're not the same person The person I see staring back at me is not independent
Love it. Love how solid the ground is underneath you. Eat it- Drink it- The air that blankets around you. Never let it go-
I fell in love with his tragedy the way summer comes The retreat of the sun only breeding vulnerability coercing me, importuning me, to surmise my sole worth in this wretched world was to be enough for him
  Have you ever heard the mockingbird sing?   For the first few seconds of its sweet song, I always believe it to be a Cardinal
I'm Not Who I Was I'm not who I was and it's the strangest thing. I don't think the old me would recognize Me anymore, but that's ok.  Because I'm starting to realize, love, and adore  Myself.
Peoples’ love for me shifts, like the direction smoke drifts from a campfire, Can’t find value from inside so I seek affirmation from their desire. I strive to please them for only then am I whole,
She cradled my hand and spat the truth this religion is just not for you. I peddled to shore when the sun rose and practiced a life I have not yet disclosed.   Ripples danced over my chest
A year ago today who where you ? A year ago today who was I ? Time flies when you're sad Time flies when you're happyBut did you take time to enjoy it?  I was sad and unhappyConstantly feeling crappy But I didn't realize how good I had it I was al
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