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It all starts with laughs, hopes, and dreams. But then, she slaps you with lonesome.
Raven black hair, long and beautiful A rosy flush of dimpled cheeks, When will my refletion show who I am inside?   Grab the scissors, cut the hair,  Ride off into the night,
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
Its so easy to lose the meaning of who you are
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things. I make a fool of myself. I have a wondering and imaginative mind, I only see the good in people and I'm infatuated with the idea of love. 
4 years ago i thought, "i will never make it", i almost gave up, but instead i faked it,   I was so depressed, nothing inside, but my friends gave me hope, and i decided to try,  
In the darkness you will find my heart, or what is left after i fall apart. it's only natural to fall off the edge once more it's happened everytime before. In the daylight you find my soul
I don't understand why we are the way we are, Most of this generation's cares belong to money and cars, What happened to all the kindness, respect and laughs, All we distribute is violence, hatred, jabs.
I will not be defined by what size I wear I am not fat I am thick 
I am not a fool I'm only himan And I'm bound to make mistakes Understand I've always had what it takes What it takes to love you And what it takes to stay with you Yeah I might have been hurt
I want it I really do. It is just really hard. I do it because I have to. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It hopes of one day obtaining what I need. I tell everyone that I will succeed.
Vivid lights beam down from a ceiling housing thousands of cheering fans. Cheekbones corrupted with smiles give way, some hidden by active hands. A beating heart within, so eager to emerge from the cage that condemns it so
The ability to touch the sky Fly with the birds the angels A dream of all the flight To fly one must innovate improve Try Try Try Until at last takeoff is achieved
Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 
I dreamed of being a super hero To have my name in the headlines every day Reality crushed my dreams when I was just seven  I had to accept that I was never going to wake up with super powers
I know this won't be easy,
As I wash the dishes  I have many wishes Ever Since I started working here My thoughts have started to veer People walk in and out Some are loud and shout They leave their dishes on the table
There is something about the sound of breath Something about being so close to death The sound of all those men panting The sound of all those men chanting   We appreciate hard work
The feel of metal, a basketball stuck in your hands, you basically were born into it.   Your whole life you've dreamt about it. Your whole life you've pushed for it, basketball.  
The air is really hard to breathe The oxygen is choking me The people are carrying me They have unknown identities Strange how people never see The big picture of reality? All they see is never seen
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