It's All Bad


It’s all bad

This moment,

This pain is far too familiar

This moment I usually consider a life lesson


I feel it’s less of a blessing

And more of a curse

But right now I could care less about

Leaning way back

In the back of a Maybach

Rather be laid flat

In the back of a hearse, because

It’s all bad


I mean this,

This is just, ahh

That’s my problem you see

I feel like the whole world is targeting me


And they don’t even know it

I know exactly how I feel

But I don’t know how to show it

And this is exactly what I was afraid of

The last time I convinced myself

It was the last time Id test what I was made of

But now I’m here with this rifle

And the pain is just

It’s all bad


I’m sorry

Most of you know me for the strength I withhold

And the person I am through the stories I’ve told

And how I represent the honor of being true and being bold

But in this moment I’m someone without faith a day old

I mean, if there is a God he’s calling me back home

You see its cold, and I’d rather die than live alone


Who would have ever thought I’d be saying such a thing

Although I’d rather die right now and still hope my phone rings

Just so I could hear you voice to remind me of the things

That I have, the things that I work for and the things I’ve been given

I mean I know there’s a God but sometimes I feel he’s hidden

That’s when it’s all bad


There’s nothing left

And I hope that you remember me for the life that I led

And the laughs and the joy and the goodness I spread

Because this, this moment

This is the moment where it all falls through

And I ask God for forgiveness for the things I’m about to do

I love you mom

I love you dad

But this, this moment

It’s all bad

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