Is it still just a game?

Is it still just a game—?

When you’re holding me close underwater

And I’m wondering how long you’ll let me wait

Before I turn around to see you face to face

In the dark, alone and falling

In reverse slow motion—back to your arms,

Every emotion that I had I hope you felt,

In those ten seconds I was melting,

It was still too short, and letting go was way too easy

For our hands, for fear of holding on too long as just friends.

How did we forget the life around us?

This was everything that I’d imagined for days before,

And a little something more to remind me

Love can happen in a blink—I can’t doubt it anymore.

Our first, last, best, worst hug all at the same time

Ended with a dew drop in my eye,

I woke up from my most lovesick goodbye

With the regret of too much being left unsaid.


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