Intercepted Transmissions From The Loveship Oblivion

1. Poetry Grafted Onto Starlit Bodies


Focused moments,
hot breath tickling 
receptive ears.

Whispered words swirl
into cascading souls.

Eyes meet,
gazes held for long
luxurious moments.


2. Daring To Unveil Their Cauldron Of Selves


Starscapes scintillate
as they fall back
into the cosmos


Each tick of the clock
thoroughly elucidated,
boy quantum entangled for eternity
with the girl who is also a tree.


Cosmic bonds of entropy shattered,
never alighting from the cerulean blue sky.


Streaking sunbeams,
marauding moonlight,
mythical monuments carved into the shape of a kiss.


3. A Song On The Galactic Radio Waves (Tuning In To Love Oblivion)


Wasn’t there a time when you told yourself:
nothing’s gonna stop us or break us apart?


Isn’t there a dream you’re holding deep inside (so deep inside)?
Well you’d better let it out before it burns you alive, burns you alive.


For I am so much more
when I have you here in my heart.

And how can I feel any pain
when your healing words
always brings me back again,
again and again?


Jumpstart the engines of this cosmic machine,
we’re leaving for the stars tonight.


Grab onto my hand
like you’re playing that guitar.


Tune in to my wavelength,
and sing like your heart’s on fire,
like your heart’s on fire.


For today there’s one less tomorrow baby,
but still we go higher,
still we go higher.


4. Postscript (Welcome Home)


Tasting plush lips,
skin knowing skin,

hands speaking
in the language of hands.


Two hearts,
beating as one.


Two hearts,
beating as one.


after a lifetime


of hit and miss,
hit and miss,


the cosmos
is finally:


smiling down
upon us.


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