Fri, 09/04/2015 - 16:22 -- k8carr
You know that feeling?
It's funny and dishonest,
And you should be able to laugh at it.
But it creeps up on you with taunts of isolation,
Of the world where no one cares,
Where you should be independent,
Take care of yourself.
You shouldn't need a leg up,
You should understand more by now,
You should be moving forward,
But you're just not.
You are where you are,
Moving at your own pace,
Searching for your own future
Without a time limit.
It's still a rough road,
And you don't know where it ends,
But it's full of people that you love,
And that is good enough for you.
Instead of that hateful container,
There is love.
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My community
My country
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