I hate myself.


I hate the way I look.


I hate my face;


My jaw.


My teeth.


My eyes.


My nose.


I hate my body;


My arms.


My belly.


My legs.


I hate my personality;


My voice.


My actions.


My thoughts.


I hate myself.


I hate the way I look;


I hate my face, the one i'm forced to look at through a mirror everyday;


My jaw makes my face look chubby.


My teeth are crooked and crowded.


My eyes are lopsided and misshapen. 


My nose is too small and bent.


I hate my body; i'm too short, too scrawny, too fat


My arms are too weak.


My belly is too fat.


My legs are too big and too short.


I hate my personality; I don't fit in, I don't stand out; I'm the invisible middle.


My voice sounds scratchy and too high pitched.


My actions make me feel like an outcast.


My thoughts, telling me terrible things, all day everyday.


I only don’t hate my friends.


I hate myself.


Not them,


They are the people that make me feel better.


The ones who help me 


When I'm sad.


When I'm mad.


When I'm anxious.


When I’m just ‘not’.


They make me feel loved,








They help me with my insecurities




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