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I dont like patience, waiting around isn't my thing.   I dont like space either, too much room for my mind to wander.   They say the best things come for those who wait, I believe it.  
Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam Power Poetry Poem Title   A cryptic poem With poem casualties.   I sit here, write here, and believe that the spirit will change them.
Gimme a Pix o' PIZZA I want a Pix o' PIZZA Hungry for a PIZZA Waiting for a PIZZA Hurry for ma' PIZZA If you want a tip a' Hurry with ma' PIZZA
Angery, Impatient, Misunderstood The feelings I had exactly a year ago Angery The energy I built inside with everyone Because I never picked my battles Becuase I hated where I was Impatient
Giddy anticipation
  Be impatient. Feel like now is the time to change shit, Not rearrange it Or reframe it. Take it all down and make another, One for your sister, One for your brother.
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