I'm a Teenager

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 17:49 -- JTied

I’m a Teenager.


This is the age where we begin learning life lessons the hard way... like not taking those you love for granted because you never know when they could be gone...  & knowing when to walk away from bad situations or people who bring you down.  Learning to not be afraid of putting yourself first and realizing sooner or later how much everything you do NOW really does affect your future and what happens.


We're teenagers. We're not kids anymore, where our only rule was to behave and eat our vegetables and what not....  but we're not adults either.  We don’t have the responsibility of paying taxes and having to worry if you can support your family or not.  We're at that awkward stage in our lives where we're trying to find ourselves, what kind of person we want to be remembered as, and figuring out what we have to do NOW to have a successful and happy future.  It's the life of a teenager. When you're too young for half things you want to do and too old to do the other half. 


There’s nothing more you can do so just go with the flow. Stand up for yourself but choose your battles wisely. There’s certain things that are and aren’t worth fighting for…. & no matter how difficult and hopeless something seems, DONT OVERTHINK only to create nonexistent problems for yourself.  It’s not worth it. Just know "It’ll all get better in time”. You are a great individual with amazing talents and a unique personality that NO ONE will ever have :)


    "It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family."   -Philip Green



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