''life' 'decisions' 'lost' 'me' ' 'blending in'

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I thought I came very far Until I met you I thought I rose very high Until I met you At first I had no fear But I turned into a horrible person Anyone can fall once I can't give up now
How did I end up here? When did I get here? Why did this happen? How did I get, lost?   Maybe it’s because I followed you?
And the saddest truth is when she decided to move up She ought to look back, where she was years ago Though her feelings have changed but she has no other way to go It was the time for her to sacrifice
It all began with a wrong call To a friend that was known for long He was like a star on a midnight sky And like a wind that I cannot tie You gave the green sign of likeness And I was high
His hands are sweaty, and he hasn't ate, He is nervous as he enters the school gate. But he knows it is to late to turn back.
I like your poem But no poem is like my poem   Because my poem sings a new song A song of a saddening glee A song of confusing youth A song of life  
What is it that keeps one from reaching its highest quality?It’s an epitome I️ received, tugging at my curiosity.
I remember the day of dread My body and heart laid flat On the cold hard floor of my room The isolate and silent room Where most of memories of hatred arose Never did I learn something new
I'd be lying if I said there is nothing I'd ever want Can't hide this frustration, it's talent is to haunt Here are some things I will never ever get No matter how hard I try, life won't ever let
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