If My Life Were A Concert, It'd Be A Lot Cooler


It is 98 degrees fahrenheit

In this hole in the wall venue

And our heaters are the mad moshers around us.

My friends are screaming on stage

And in the pit

Every lyric of every song that I have sang

When I was absolutely elated

Or when my heart was breaking

Or really anytime I felt alive.

We are screaming and there is heat around us

And some sweaty drunk just lost his shoe

Because he was dancing so hard

And if my life was a concert

It’d be a whole lot cooler

Because there’s something beautiful

About connecting with friends and strangers

In a soulful way

And you can feel your heart pumping to the beat

Of the bass drum

And you’re making eye contact with the bassist

And you know what note is next

And just for a minute

Only for a few hours

You are completely engulfed in something

Original and beautiful

If my life were a concert

If everyone’s life were a concert

Maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate

Maybe there would be connection and understanding

Between people who are feuding

And no, no

It couldn’t bring back the people who died

It wouldn’t cure cancer

It wouldn’t stop young, black men from being shot in our streets

It wouldn’t stop Palestine and Israel from hating and killing each other

It wouldn’t stop the bombs from dropping

It wouldn’t ever stop a thing for more than a set of songs.

But maybe, just maybe

A cop would look a black man in the eyes and say
I know it doesn’t change a thing, but man
We were wrong

We are wrong,

I’m sorry.

I know it doesn’t mean anything

Because your brothers and friends are dead in the streets, but man

I am sorry.

Because they felt a connection and their hearts were both beating to the same beat

And they feel SOMETHING

Because I am a child who was born and raised

In times of war and we turn our backs

On the civil war between citizens
And those who are supposed to protect us

Those who will stand up for the rights of others
And those who believe that a book written over

2,000 years ago can tell who and who is not

Damned to a life a violence.

And I spend my days figuring out

The best way to escape the class room

If a man with a gun were to come in.

And if my life were a concert,

Maybe I would be untouchable

To the men who have cornered me

Who have pinned me
To beds, floors, couches.

Maybe all the other little girls and boys

And men and women

Who have been pinned will be untouchable

Because I know I am not the only one

Who flinches when someone raises their fist

Or raises their voice
I am not the only one who hides their phone

In their boot at school incase we need to say goodbye

I am not the only one who bares scars of self hatred

I am not the only one who didn't think they'd make it this far.

If my life were a concert, it'd be a lot cooler.

Maybe we could all be the mad moshers

Maybe we could be the drunk who lost his shoe.

Maybe for a minute we could stop hating each others

Stop hating ourselves.
Just for one song.
Just for one set.

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