If Mental Illness was Treated as Such

If mental illness was treated as such

there would be 

no kids online blogging about their eating disorder

getting comments like

you can do it! avoid the food! stop eating and you too

will be beautiful!

A support network to destroy themselves, a chance to be perfect

nights over the toilet bowl, grumbling stomachs and to them

its worth it.

But when one of their friends find out they won't help. They'll avoid it.


If mental illness was treated as such 

these movies would not feature raging schizo murderers 

chasing innocent people and hearing wisphers of distant evil.

They would show people taking medication,

and in some cases hospitalization,

a sterotypical nation wating for their next "outbreak:", when

all they are is human. 

So since schizophrenia is ighly treatable, 

why are these movies so highly profitiable.


And its not just on the screen its in the halls of a high school 

where a boy hides his pill bottle

takes a sip of water

and swallows.

Every capsule just a prayer that no one will find his bipolar disorder, his secret

Afraid of the judgement he'd recieve because of all the jokes he's seen made.

The: "what's up with her? she's so bipolar today."

No one knows what manic depressive means, so he thinks it's better not to make that mistake.

If mental illness was treated as such, she wouldn't have to be so afraid.


On the other side of the school there's a girl, one and on the door handle

the other clenched  in a fist so tight

the veins are prominent against her wrist.

She's got so many knots in her stomach it's like a noose

and she's starting to get short of breath now because she can't shake it loose.


Panic attacks are not what you get when "you're a little stressed for a test"

they're triggered like  a gunshot to the senses, welling up to your ealth's expenses

It's the fear far beyong nerves

or shyness in public places.

Her friends try to help but don't know what to say

they don't know what to do.

She doesn't expect them to.


Mental illness is not simple, or trendy, or one dimesnsional

and people who have them are just people after all.

So now you ask: how do I know so much about this?

Truth is: I don't have a single mental ilness. 

But with a little research and some time spent

you can learn the truth, and what to do.

I haven't mentioned all of them hear,

but I'm just trying to say there shouldn't be so much fear.

So, do you know what mentall illnesses surround you?

And if you knew someone was suffering

Would you have the knowledge to help them though?


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