If I Lay Here

(To My Dearest Friend)

If I lay here, would time slip away?

Would the sun shine brighter than any other normal day?

Sometimes I do pray to see you again to repay

All the wrong things that I say

If I lay here, would you stay?

Or would you leave me again to breakaway?

Where I lay is where you left me

Because the sun does not shine the same way

All others have cautiously gone astray

And yes, I hate to say

But I will be seeing you again today.



Do you want this person to return? If so, why would you hate to see this person? 

I appreciate the candid way you write.

Teresa H.

The person does not hate to see them, they hate the way they are going to see them.

The meaning of it is that they will take their own life just to see them again.

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