A death of a friend

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I once had this teacherwho had put a sticky note on the inside of my notebookfor that class. The inside of each cover was fullof quotes, that I wrote on sticky notes.Except for the inside of the front cover.It had one open spot left. You see, over
In this cottage surrounded by nature and beauty, there are so many things that seem unruly. This nice little house is grey and green, overgrown with vines and leaves.   Don't let this view fool you,
Friendships don't always last, then again some just might; People grow apart sometimes through fight or through flight. You had a spark of something excellent that came from inside;
In one year, I noticed a change in the universe. No longer running through her purse, for loose change like an endless, leather garden, never stopping to smell the roses.
Another morning comes, another day has started Your still not here, my heart is guarded   Gone so sudden yet so soon You didn’t deserve to go, my world feels so doomed Almost a year ago this happened
Again Try to death experience Although You dead in a thousand of your poems And each poem Your soul is bleed
This is for you for turning your back on me for taking what belongs to me and place it under someone else’s feet in a plate of gold.
(To My Dearest Friend) If I lay here, would time slip away? Would the sun shine brighter than any other normal day? Sometimes I do pray to see you again to repay All the wrong things that I say
Broken bottles and tired eyes Filled with tears you never meant to cry The corroding building where you go to play
Death is crazy. One day you are at you first day of junior high. A new school, a new year. No familiar faces, but familiar memories now.   
I can’t remember my first words to you, But I can’t forget all the things I wanted to say. I can’t remember what you were wearing that day in April, But I can’t forget the way you smiled the whole night.
To Greg on His Birthday   I hate that death separates us, the hand that turns the page pausing, poised, as if to consider the weight  of a single sparrow as it falls to the ground:
  Here lies the cat in grander soft and big, In dreams he prances quickly and sly. If possible cat would catch the horrible pig, He who does not stop being a bad guy.  
That smile that lit up the roomm Those eyes that were, oh so beautiful That personality that no one could stay mad at   You changed lives Set new trends Gave a new meaning to life  
My skin is paper Thin and weak I look for shields Over the weeks. My skin is a canvas Nice and strong Ready for painting All night long. But my time is nearing
When you took your last breath You took mine with you When your heart stopped beating Mine lost the will to keep going When the light left your eyes You took mine with it
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