I once met a farmer whose name was Brain

He gave me a packet of seeds


All that was needed was sunshine and rain

To grow these flowers, trees, and weeds


And I planted a seed into the ground

Kneeled down to wait, and peered in close


And to my surprise I suddenly found

A fabulous fantastic rose


I pondered upon this wonderful sight

To see my idea come to life


All people and I found it a delight

That my rose ceased all of the strife


The next seed I planted grew so slow

And with it hope and greater glee


And as I lingered it began to grow

Into presumably a tree


The tree was grand and was grounded by roots

For it was my greatest notion


Receiving much praise I gathered the fruit

From my tree of premonition


And lastly, I dropped a dangerous seed

Oh! A detrimental concept


For out of the dirt exploded a weed

Oh! And from What I could percept

The weed killed the flower, tore it to shreds

And with its thorns had choked the tree


So there the plants lay, withered and dead

I wept, for these were a part of me


So I met with the one they called the Brain

And demanded that he explain


The farmer was stern, neither happy or sad

He calmly concluded the idea was bad

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