The Idea


The Idea alone

Is enough to infatuate.

It inhabits your every thought

Like Well…..,

An idea.

You can see it

Like it’s the present.

Or at least the near future,

But you’ve gone off the cliff

If u picture a ring on it

Or picture kids with it

Anniversary gifts for it

Or growing old with it,

And let it dictate your business.

It would seem it’s simple physics.

Opposites attract.

You fly towards a dream

That is the last thing you need.

This idea grows like a weed.

An excuse

That you feed from.

What was at first a bright idea

Now makes you seem dumb.

Now makes you be numb

To common sense.

Like never chase a false idol

That makes your life idle.

And be a fool in thinking

That this idea really likes you.


You used to be insightful

Until you got this idea bullshit

Then lost your wit

Only explanation

Guess you’re in love with it.

An idea.


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