I was the fool to fall for a trap that played my heart to think you cared.
I watch you and her slowly walk hand and hand tightly but  when you saw me you run with guilt as you were suppose to be my friend.
I lost my trust in everyone to have something that was meant for me still lied in the hands of someone else besides me. I cried multiple times as I thought of time we shared to avoid the truth that he's not crying for me or not to even have me cross his mind.
Why do I settled for a person who fails to opens his eyes as I'm left in the darkness and tell my heart It's love.
Silly and stupid that I seat here and watch my world become gray as I wish you would stay because you would  just make it more grayer with you in it then when you left.
I have to hide away from you because you broke my heart in ways glue couldn't repair we weren't dating but I made you my everything to know we never was anything but something to me.
Tears pouring from my eyes because I wanted you to love me differently like your my best friend .
She knew I like you but still made you her man .  I GREW STRONG HATE FOR THE BOTH OF YOU.
That I couldn't see your face to feel so much betrayal to every call you a sister let alone my friend.
Something I never wanted to see come alive somehow begin to have a heartbeat.
I was a fool to fall in love key word fall because that exactly what I did .
I wish you nothing but the best because I learned a lesson about you that if I was worth anything to you .
You would have at least care about how you  stuck the knife in my heart.
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as always

your poems are amazing

poetry at its finest


Sorry took me so long to reply

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