I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Inspired by Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"


United States
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I wish
I want
I need
Like anyone else
I’ll always be on the sidelines
Waiting on the benches for someone to ask for my hand
A conversation
A connection
A mutual feeling between two souls
An intensity
Something I will know
When it comes
What it is
And I will love
I have so much to give
Tons to spare
No takers
No faking
I’m here
Whoevers for the taking
But not just anyone
The one
That special someone
Who will always care
Who will always be there
Who won’t just take my love but replace it with theirs
I can only look forward
Not for
Nothing like this comes to those who look for it
It comes when it is ready
When I am ready
When the universe is ready
To pair me with my other
My lover
The one other being that feels what I’m feeling
Coming ever closer
The wait will soon be over
And my faster beating heart can be at peace



honest. well done

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