I Suck (Confessions of a Doormat)

I guess you could say that I have a lot of friends

I've never met a stranger and

My friendships have no end and

I say that not to brag but to say they don't depend

On if my friend has been a good friend or on anything they've said

They say it's because I'm a better person than most others

I'll hold open doors for elder people, pregnant mothers

I'd give family anything and I'd die for my brothers


But I suck.


I guess there's no way around it

And if you want the reason I help other people, well you found it

Are you astounded? 

You probably think I'm crazy, but let me tell you something about sinners

Because when it comes to wronging people, I swear, I'm no beginner

Because even though your sin can be inner

You're still a sinner


Some of us are just better at hiding it


Speaking of hiding, that's me every day

I'd hide from my shadow if it got in my way

I'm scared of the dark so I sleep in the light

But I'm still scared of the sounds that I hear in the night

Cuz I don't know if they're real or if they're just inside my brain 

And any attempt to shut it up will go in vain

So I'm scared to be living but I'm scared to be dead

And I'm scared of these thoughts that are inside my head

I want to help people but I'm too scared of myself

I got a friend who needs me now but I can't even help her

Cuz I'm over here with my nose against a wall

While everyone around me is hurting, tripping, falling

And stalling?

That's become almost a hobby

But I see the work of Jesus and all I want is to copy Him

He came down to the world, bled and died to set us free

And not just for the saints but for sucky people like me

I suck, I do 

But Jesus didn't care

So I don't want to care so I'll love people everywhere

They're gonna hurt me, I know, but that's okay

And I know that because I hurt other people every day

But they still love me


Yeah, I suck

There's no way around it

But grace has saved my life and it's the thing that keeps me grounded

And when I say grounded, I mean grounded cuz I'm underneathe your feet

I'm a doormat cuz I know my breath- it isn't mine to keep

So here, take it. I'll give my breath to you

Just know that it's because that's what my Savior would do.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem touch me where the love of God deepens even more

want to do me a favor

post this poem on my group


read today's word-Ephesians chapter 6 verse 11

it's about wearing the armor of God and standing up againt the devil


pray to The Lord to heal, protect, provide you

always have a strong prayer life

Kait McSwagger

I was unsure of this one. I got some negative feedback because of the language I chose to use. I really appreciate this. I am thanking the Lord to have heard from a fellow believer- God works in ways I would never expect! Thank you for being such a blessing!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are the author of your work

the world can give you negative feedbacks all it wants

if God said yes, that's all what matters

never be a people pleaser because they can turn on you

be a God pleaser in glorifying Him

those that love you will accept you for you

keep writing my sister

today's word in the bible: john 1:9

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