I Shouldn't Worry About The Future


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The life for me is fraught with unknown,

It's an inner aggression with a boisterous tone.

One half desires to thrive and succeed,

the other wants to only exercise a good deed.

Why is the battle amongst my halfs interfering with my decisions?

It makes it burdensome to decide what to do,

and even harder to decide what to go through.

It provokes me crazy, I fear for my futures safety.

It's not easy to see you own future, 

If not left alone it can lead to torture.

Worry is an ugly thing,

some try to write and some try to sing.

My family tells me I will be fine and do great achievements they say.

Are They right? I think they are, because my life has been getting better so far. 

So why should there be a war within me.

When I could have myself in harmony and never worry what the future will be.

True it's important to think of it,

but what's the point when it makes you go through such a worry fit?

I want to succeed and I will prove my worth.

So if I win this scholarship,

It'll make my life a more enjoyable trip.

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