I Say to my Friend:

I say to my friend:

 “Dude, I just got a vinyl of one of my favorite bands, Cage the Elephant!  It’s awesome and clear yellow; I can’t wait to listen!”

To which my friend says:

                “Woooooooo…  Have you heard the new A7X album yet? ”

I say to my friend:

                “I just saw the best movie! It’s about two Irish hit men who go for a job in Bruges, Belgium and –  ”

To which my friend says:

                “Oh that reminds me, have you seen Gravity yet? The scenes in it are gorgeous!”

I say to my friend:

 “Over the summer we should go fishing and boating, I think it’ll be fun.

To which my friend states:

                “Naaah… Go talk to my friend’s dad, he’s been dying to go.”


My friend says to me:

                “Dude I just decided to replay Mass Effect and Oh-My-God!  Remember the time when I was up all night playing and then had to go to school early the next day?”

To which I say:

                “Haha, yeah, it was hilarious.  You were so tired but that’s all you talked about!”

My friend says to me:

                “I just got the greatest game ever it’s called Titanfall.”

To which I ask:

“Is it as awesome as the name?”

To which he explains:

                “Oh my god, yes! Imagine Call of Duty with giant robots, and parkour!

                “Woah… that sounds fantastic!”

                “I know! Dude, you should totally get it so we can play together!”

My Friend says to me:

                “Mario Cart 8 is Coming out on 3DS, you should get one so we all [him and some of our other friends] can play together!”

To which I state:

                “I’m working on it.”


I love my friend dearly; he’s one of my best.  

But I thought best friends should be there through thick and thin.

Then how come I have to watch what I say lest 

He lose interest in mine and speak about his min 

Isculely important console game interests 

While I become a captive audience for his ran 

Ts expected to show empathy when it’s 

Not shown to me, but I do because I am his frien



I hear some relationships are an uphill battle.  Yes he’s annoying and reprobate at times.

But he’s my friend and I call him mine.

Although… how do I make the climb not so steep?


I still don’t have a 3DS (but I’ve played his) nor do I have Titanfall (but I’ve played his account). 

I saw Gravity (it was a great movie) and heard the new A7X album (I liked it).

I still have not listened to my new Cage the Elephant album because the day before it arrived in the mail our turn table broke and our speakers blew; I’m waiting for them to get fixed. 


But it’s awesome and clear yellow; I can’t wait to listen!


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