I Feel You

Blood is red
And tears are blue
Mixe​​​d, deep in her heart
Lies a purple bruise
I've spent way too long
Thinking of you
So much, that it's started to vanish
The fine line between the lies and truths
Cared too much, felt too less
But you're still hard to get through
And though I'll never let you know
It's something I still try to do
I've learnt that demons are bad
But angels are worse
​​​​​And if you're any of either
People you barely know 
Are somehow the easiest to trust
Though the heat of the moment
Releases a lot of words
Still, to me, always
You come first
For we were much more
Than love and lust
So as the fiery Sun blows out
I'll just be selfish tonight
Take a break before going back 
Feel for me, live my own life

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